Home office heating and cooling.

Air source heatpump with anti viral function.

Air source heatpump
Home office working, heating and cooling with the latest air source heat pump technology R32 Etherea 5 year warranty.

Work from home with a Air source heat pump supplied and installed for under £2000 inc Vat.

Use a fraction of the energy of stand alone electric heating.

Dehumidifying and anti bacterial / viral features. Nanoe X

Wifi enabled.

5 year product warranty STC.

Internal power usage/metering function.

Please call Rich our design and technical director on 07891 586024

We can usually give a live demo of this product if required.

Available in wall mount, floor console and multi room options.

SCOP above 4 ( in effect, for each unit of energy on your electric bill, heat output of 4 KW for 1 hour)

Air source heat pump ASHP installation Maldon Witham Wickham Bishops CM8 Essex

Panasonic Etherea Z25TKEW air source heat pump air to air.

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