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Solar  PV panels , Billericay Essex.

Black monocrstaline solar pv panels on a composite slate roof. 3.9 kw installed capacity. MCS certified installation and qualifying for government FIT payments. PV Renewable Energy design and install renewable energy solutions for domestic and commercial properties accross Essex, London

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Conservatory Airconditioning Essex and  London 

Panasonic Etheria Airconditioning installed in a conservatory in Chelmsford, Essex. This heat pump unit provides heating and cooling all year round with a SCOP above 4.5 This unit as a noise level down to 20 db with anti mould and

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Conservatory air conditioning and heating in Chelmsford, Essex, Hertfordshire Kent and London.

Air to air Heat pump and airconditiong . Pictured is a Panasonic Etherea (indoor unit) 2.5 kw cooling 3.4 kw heating  cop of 4.72 , in other words for each 1 kw consumed by the outdoor unit upto 4.72 kw

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Air to Air Heat pump ( Hitachi 3.2 Kw Heating ) Chelmsford, Essex

Pictured is a Hitachi Air to Air Heat Pump on a roof top above a penthouse apartment in Chelmsford, Essex. This provides 3.2 Kw of heat at an ambient temperature of 6 C. PV Renewable Energy Ltd install Air conditioning,

Air Conditioning , Walthamstow.

Panasonic Etherea air to air heat pump wall mounted indoor unit. This is the internal unit providing 3.4 kW of heating to a kitchen / conservatory. These units have a seasonal coefficient of performance above 4 . In other words,

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Panasonic Air to water heat pump(ASHP),Chelmsford,Essex.

Panasonic 12 kW  T Cap Air to water heatpump, outdoor unit. Whole house heating and domestic hot water, this unit holds 100 pct of  its capacity  Down to -15 centigrade. PV Renewable Energy Ltd are MCS accredited Heat pump company

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Panasonic Aquarea Air to Water Heat Pump , Chelmsford, Essex.

Pictured is the out door unit of a Panasonic Aquarea ASHP high temperature ( HT) heat pump. This unit combined with its indoor hydro module can produce heating and domestic hot water at a temperature of 65 centigrade. PV Renewable

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Air conditioning Heat pump Colchester Essex (Panasonic Etherea E9 QKE )

Heating and cooling solution for a holiday let near sudbury . We used a Panasonic Etherea Air to Air heatpump E9 QKE , this is an air conditioning unit with both heating and cooling 3.4 kW in heat mode. These

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Air to Air Heat pump and Air conditioning in Barnes, middlesex.

Air conditioning for a small outbuilding in Barnes, Middlesex, West London, using a Panasonic Etherea Air to Air Heat pump E7 QKE. 2.8 kW in heating and 2 kW in cooling. This unit provides 2.8 kW of space heating in

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Air source heat pump (ASHP) with a low loss header.

Picture of a low loss header. This equipment creates a hydraulic break between the primary flow and return and the heating circuit. The low loss header will create a much more efficient and serviceable heating system, it will also negate

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