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PV Renewable Energy design supply and install Solar Panels ( PV) systems in Witham and Maldon, Essex and surrounding regions.

We are MCS accredited installers and provide certification enabling application for the Feed in Tariff scheme (FITS)

We are an independent renewables company and can supply a wide choice of solar panels, inverters and microinverters.

A 10 year workmanship warranty and a separate 10 year insurance backed warranty for the entire installation are provided as standard.

Our Solar PV panels typically come with 20 year plus performance guarantees,with 10 year product warranty. All our products are MCS accredited.

We use products such as Panasonic HIT and LG neon panels with  Fronius and Sunny Boy Inverters.

We have a 4 kW solar panel (PV)system in Chelmsford Essex which is connected to a Fronius internet data logger , we can log you on and you can see live data enabling a much clearer understanding of solar pv performance and capability.

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Picture of LG  Solar PV Panels in  Witham Essex

Why consider Solar Panels for your Home.

In a nutshell to import less electricity into your home from the national grid to run your appliances, lighting and heating. Unused electricity is exported back to the grid.

Under the governments Feed in Tariff Scheme (Fits) you will get paid approximately 12.5 pence per unit of electricity or KW generated from your PV system. You will get paid this regardless of whether you use this power or not, so for a very efficient household it’s in your interest to use the generated power during daylight hours.

Surplus electricity exported back to the grid attracts a further smaller payment.

We supply the Immersun or solar I boost to divert export electricity to the immersion heater on a cylinder (if you have one )  providing free domestic hot water.

A 4kw solar Pv system using 14 panels south facing with no shade can generate upto 4,000 units per year  attracting approx £500 fits payments.

If all that generated is consumed on the property , depending on your electricity suppliers current unit rate a further £ 500 can be saved on your bills.

A £7,000  solar Pv system can therefore offer a first year yield of over 14 pct with a payback period of 7 years or less.

Carbon emissions 

Let’s face it , to have a micro generation system produce electricity that you use in your home is impressive in its technological achievement .

To be paid for each unit whether you use it or not is a bonus.

But to avoid a lump of coal being burned inefficiently in a distant power station to boil water to create steam  to power a generator to create electricity for your home, to me is a pretty good reason to embrace Solar Photo voltaic technology.

Incidentally , the carbon dioxide from  that lump of coal (not forgetting the pollution) is steadily growing in the atmosphere, currently about 400 parts per million. This is where to start with climate science , not some parts of the press and uninformed opinion. If you do a web search on CO2  ppm in the atmosphere and look at the chart it’s a rising straight line , that’s us , Humans . Whatever the ultimate effects , well who truly knows ,  surely one small electrical power plant (your Pv system ) amongst millions across the globe has to have a positive impact on the world we live in .

The huge advances in technology in recent years  have now made it quite affordable for individuals  to install the latest microgeneration and renewable heat systems in their homes .

The grants or subsidies available in the form of the feed in tariff for Solar PV, and the Renewable Heat Incentive RHI for Air/ground source heat pumps are a great help in the uptake of these technologies . Currently they help in what can be interpreted as a ‘payback ‘ on an investment , which is great while it lasts. But even without subsidies Renewable technology installations can and do work on their own compared to oil, LPG, gas etc .

PV Renewable Energy was formed in 2011 we have many solar PV , Heat Pump systems installed in Essex , including a demo facility in a Kelvedon.

We consider ourselves a specialist Renewable technology company and have the privelage of being a Panasonic Pro Partner.

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Richard Franks 

Founder and Director PV Renewable Energy



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PV Renewable Energy are MCS accredited solar panel installers in Essex, Kent, Hertfordshire, London.

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