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Panasonic Etheria Airconditioning installed in a conservatory in Chelmsford, Essex. This heat pump unit provides heating and cooling all year round with a SCOP above 4.5 This unit as a noise level down to 20 db with anti mould and …

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Air to air Heat pump and airconditiong . Pictured is a Panasonic Etherea (indoor unit) 2.5 kw cooling 3.4 kw heating  cop of 4.72 , in other words for each 1 kw consumed by the outdoor unit upto 4.72 kw …

Conservatory air conditioning and heating in Chelmsford, Essex, Hertfordshire Kent and London. Read More »

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Solar Flash installed with Renusol anchors and Rail. Solarflash roof anchor flashings work well with eternit and slate tiles for newbuild and retrofit. Repacement solar PV panels are Solarworld 285 watt all black monocrystaline. PV Renewable Energy ltd install repair …

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12.5 kw airconditioning unit providing heating and cooling to a garden centre tea room in Colchester, Essex.

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As standard we fit the ‘Boiler Mag’ magnetic filter and strainer with our Panasonic Aquarea ASHP installations  This is a perfect solution if you have a Panasonic heat pump that registers a h62 error code. If your installation is a …

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