Air source heat pump (ASHP) with a low loss header.

Picture of a low loss header. This equipment creates a hydraulic break between the primary flow and return and the heating circuit.

The low loss header will create a much more efficient and serviceable heating system, it will also negate almost all flow issues that can be a problem with heatpump systems.

Pv renewable energy install low loss headers in support of air source heatpump installations in Essex, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

As Panasonic accredited professional partners PVRE can install or upgrade ASHP systems 

Aquarea heatpumps have a H62 error code which can occur when flow is restricted or interrupted, the introduction of a low loss header usually resolves this problem in retrofit situations. 

Also pictured is a Telford Tempest  300 litre  Heatpump cylinder, this has a much larger surface area coil to enable a faster reheat time due to the lower temp output of the Air Source Heat pump.

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